Designed to… Add more years to your dog's life, more life to your dog's years! While humans live longer than ever, some breeds seem to die younger. Whether the cause is free radical damage, or hormone imposters from synthetic chemicals, today's dogs age prematurely fast. Luckily, scientists have begun to unlock the biological basis of aging at the molecular level. More important, researchers have developed 100% natural nutrition strategies to help halt, or perhaps even reverse, key aspects of aging.

YOUNG AT HEART uses these “life extension” advances with the goal of returning your dog's metabolism to that in its prime. But YOUNG AT HEART is not just about helping dogs live longer, it's about living better. YOUNG AT HEART contains nutrients demonstrated in major medical studies to strengthen the biochemical links leading to a better quality of life for older animals !

NUTRITIONAL MAKEOVER FOR YOUR DOG: TV shows take ordinary people, then give them makeovers to improve their looks to a striking degree. Same genetics, but now these people look like models-those exceptional people who are born with lucky genetics. The transformation is stunning.

K9 SHOW STOPPER gives your dog an inside-out makeover that reproduces the awesome look and vitality of those rare, “perfect” dogs. Same genetics, only now your dog looks like a star.

Instead of surgery, our makeovers employ natural nutrition to transform looks and build from inside out. Of course, you can't change bone structure, joint angles or other built-in anatomical features. But to a degree never before possible, with K9 SHOW STOPPER you can make over your dog's body and coat.

Exotic show dog or cherished pet, K9 SHOW STOPPER is the all-in-one, money saving formula combining the best of the best natural supplements to give your dog a total physical makeover. It really, truly works.

NEXT BEST THING TO MOM : Puppies grow healthiest and best on mother's milk. Science has decoded the immunity and growth secrets in canine milk to reveal over 1,000 bioactive properties. PUPPY GOLD recreates canine mother's milk to promote immunity, stronger joints and lean growth.

“SWISS ARMY KNIFE” OF NUTRITION: PUPPY GOLD contains canine milk's bioactive proteins, micellar casein, colostrum, glucosamine and more to give a giant head start in life. We even include canine milk's awesome immune factors, including lactoferrin. PUPPY GOLD helps produce not just healthier puppies, but healthier, longer living adults.


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